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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2017 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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it's up to the county to be sure their head stays dry. what does a football loving country to which its goals. will tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. you know webspace. football made in germany. are no response and welcome to the show everyone let's kick things off with a look at three of the stories we have coming up for you in the next half an hour.
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can be in play what kind germany and learn from the jamaican. danish lifestyle and why kevin hagen is one of the best cities to live in. and global hits which songs produced in germany made it big. black yellow and green those are the colors assigned to the three parties expected to form a governing coalition in gemini bought black yellow and green are also the colors of the jamaican flag although berlin is don't know so much about jamaica surprisingly the caribbean flare is quite prominent in this city outside of the college connection to politics. somewhere in the caribbean or is this the german capital these days there's a bit of jamaican flare in berlin. a so-called jamaica coalition could soon set the
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country's course under captain angle americal because the only parties willing to form a coalition after the german elections have the colors of jamaica's flag black for the christian democrats yellow for the free democrats and the greens whose color is obvious from their name but they have yet to reach an agreement and there was already talk of a jamaica coalition in two thousand and five back then the idea was new and unthinkable he said i didn't know what a jamaica coalition was when i heard it yesterday i suddenly pictured people with dreadlocks ratcheting down holding a joint with reggae music in the background and. reggae music. and today what did germans know about jamaica. the sunglasses. the springs i came from jamaica. i think kingston is the capital of jamaica. misspelled the weather sunshine the beach vacation. the island in the caribbean sea
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is more than a distant vacation destination there's a lot more jamaica in germany than many people realize. jamaican blue mountain coffee for example. all spice also known as jamaica pepper. marinated braised beef a staple of german cuisine its flavor and it's an indispensable ingredient in german christmas cookies. but this is an insider tip in germany akki and salt fish a traditional jamaican dish. barbara saltman serves akki in her restaurant yaman in berlin she wants to share her love of her homeland and its cuisine with tremendous . don't know if you can eat that it's too spicy but anyone who comes here comes again anyone who visits jamaica visits again. is caribbean the rama.
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office tasting of the fermented sugarcane at his shop delicious. he knows how to recognize a jamaican rum. you can just drink it away. it's something the way it's. still. has a typical jamaican. because it's a very comprehensive thing. comprehensive and on usual but good is that a favorable omen for a german jamaica coalition but such a coalition could very well over the possible legalization of another stimulant one also associated with jamaica camp cannabis kind of. limits the public consumption of cannabis to medical or religious purposes. for example in the rastafari religion famous by the most famous of all jamaicans.
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bob marley the king of reggae beginning in the one nine hundred seventy s. he spread the sound of jamaica to the whole world. news issues like the treats have made reggae a german success story to. berlin band have also landed hits with their songs. in. german artist gentleman released an album together with bob marley son. gentleman also sings in jamaica as part one language and is successful in jamaica. in berlin fans of the caribbean way of life. and african and caribbean cultural
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center cheston tomlinson runs a street food stand there he says he'd like to see a black yellow green coalition governing germany. many more different. a jamaican. german. jamaica. barber sultan thinks that such a coalition which bring out the true american side of christian democrats. she has composure. it's a little like the jamaican mentality. she's religious and this god gives you a special strength. if they all work together they can do it. with the serenity of bob marley and the sprinter usain bolt maybe german jamaica
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coalition will be successful. well i did have to start somewhere to spread and grow riots that certainly won't sell america on is doing with half fashion label trying to promote clothing that is big in anchorage without harming animals we have more on that coming up at the top of today's express. british fashion label stella mccartney aims to dress its customers in full oversized clothes in spring two thousand and eighteen on monday the creations were presented at paris fashion week all stella mccartney products are exclusively vegan and sustainable the label uses no leather or fur i think for me the statement is why at people using for why are we killing millions of innocent creatures every year in the name of fashion. fashion designer stella mccartney practices what she
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preaches and wears her own designs almost exclusively. the top buy and hold at london's tate modern has turned into a playground for grown ups this interactive installation by danish artist collective super flags makes swingers out of museum goers the idea is that the swings will bring them into contact with each other over come that pass here between those less interested in physical activity that this oversized pendulum hypnotise them game of installation one two three swing is to promote my time to thinking about gravity. october fest ended in munich on tuesday after eighteen days of partying beer drinking and more partying this year october fest through six point two million visitors leaving last year slump behind seven point five million liters of beer
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were sold at the end of the year to do in germany standard reference to will adopt the word visa and it's been variant dialect for meto and the bavarian synonym for october fest. the british magazine at monaco has rated the top twenty five cities in the wild today that. oss resident sixty questions considering a vast number of topics the danish capital copenhagen always ranks highly in these surveys often taken the number one spot but not on this occasion let's see what the editors had to say and how it's forward into the fourth most years of popular european city in amongst them on a list of the cities with the best quality of life. if they've never been to copenhagen people's primary association with the danish
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capital the statue of the little. the most beautiful site is the city itself with its unique seaside location. this year british lifestyle magazine monocle and its editor in chief. copenhagen at number six it's ranking of the world's most livable. we look at copenhagen one of the things which i think has forced a bit of a stumble comes back to the connectivity public transport they've done a great job of course it is it the global home of the bicycle bike. most as wide as street lanes because copenhagen is one of the world's most bicycle friendly cities and cycling is part of everyday life the city has more bicycles on residence every second person writes a bike to work. for trash the traffic lights ease the waiting
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until to trash cans were designed specially for cyclists. of course continues to succeed because they have the bicycle miracle in the city it is just so easy to get from a to b. to c. to z. . just by going around on two wheels or potentially three wheels if you have children it's an incredibly walkable city. just over half a million people live here copenhagen's moderate size makes it a pretty relaxed metropolis. the cityscape is characterized by architecture from the eighteenth century like a palace of the city residents of the danish royal family. classical residential and commercial buildings stand alongside modern constructions like the opera house new influences are. unmistakeable in the restaurant scene to. has experienced in the last five or six years such
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a. respect to me is really right you know as is probably one of the most important to cities the world. cuisine began in two thousand and three when the restaurant opened here. with regional ingredients. was recognized as the world's best restaurant four times since then danish combining denmark's best cullen re traditions with dishes from. for example at the royal smoke cafe where little works about a created a tiny slice of bread. to eat sushi and all reminiscent of smear uproot the danish variant of the open faced sandwich. copenhagen success story. what we really like about copenhagen has started i mean it is your restaurant that means starting up your own shop it means launch your own fashion label doing things with your own hands and that's where the great thing is that you've seen
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a lot of people coming back into the city who are not speculating they're not looking to build a business and then just flip it three years later for some crazy valuation they really want to be part of the urban fabric. all over the downtown area a little design shops like henry scuffs after studying in london he returned to copenhagen launched his own fashion label his designs have even been displayed in museums like new york's moma. copenhagen also stands for design classics like this manager which is still produced today in a hotel he designed you can even book a night in the on a young son suite furnished with the original pieces. the capital city of design and. itself has its share of planning mistakes of course. monocle magazine says that why copenhagen only made it to sixth place on this year's list
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well the most livable city. we've seen extraordinary growth within the city a lot of new development but a lot of new development which is not very sympathetic to the rest of the built environment so quite buildings architecturally but we see a lot of buildings which have no relationship to the street. despite this criticism residents still regard copenhagen as europe's most pleasant capital. is so many people. really enjoying it there's always happy people and. in the summer time this is a special place to be monaco magazine says reducing the twenty five percent value added tax in restaurants would be yet one more way copenhagen could improve its already outstanding quality of life.
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while i'm yet to visit copenhagen but it seems like a great place to go what do you think what is your favorite european city if you want to write in let us know then you will be in with a chance of winning this travels that the i pods at the headphones that kept the bag and everything that is inside it will be there as well is a fantastic prize and all we need to do to win it is fill in the entry form on our website don't call forward lifestyle time now for five facts that you probably didn't know and this week the trivia is all about musicians who have recorded the songs gemini has a high five. by famous songs you probably didn't know made in germany. disco queen screamed our way to the top of the european charts with a song. and that's
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our number five because penny mclean was really get. an austrian bone singer who lived in munich she was discovered by a german songwriter and producer michelle. she was also part of disco group silver convention which landed two hits topping the us charles. brazilian sounds and sample rhythms the south american sounding some ahead some five million copies but looks can be deceiving. that's because somebody janeiro is a purely german production of its number for the kids you probably never guessed came from germany but the song really got people moving to the beat of the two thousand and eight european football championships there it was played after every girl's goal.
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raese american police officer dances his way through this video and to the top of the pop charts worldwide. the song is sugar by the insured so it just evolved into the people in his hometown of. it's number three on our list of well heads from germany. now owns his own label and records. john for roscoe. tally and producer george romero recorded a number of hits at munich's legendary music land studios in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's the best known of them was disco and slim i feel love. singer donna summer is accompanied by nothing but a synthesizer nine hundred seventy seven that seems like
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a crazy idea but today it's number two on our list of german produced hits the song became a favorite in the gay clubs scene and helped usher in the era of electronic music. an american artist crooning a german song in english that's the successful recipe for a top pick of five famous songs you probably didn't know were made in germany frank sinatra strangers in the night. strangers in the night. extreme doing glance was wandering in. the strangers in the night was a hit well one the music was composed by german orchestra leader bad camp felt over the years others claimed to have written a song but it's still credited to him originally background music for a film this song became the center of attention. oh i love that chuen sometimes they call it classic that applies to clothing as
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well as to songs in fact traffic clothing items are always a good investment and for the skull that means kill it's like the traditional german laid a hose and most german men have wore one at some point and it's the same with the scots in the kilt when you talk to the one lady who has worked for forty years with the tata weaving mill and there's just so i had twenty thousand killed by hand my dad. kilts are fashionable and no one knows it better than elaine. she's been making the scottish tartan skirts for men since one nine hundred seventy seven so far she's sewn over twenty thousand kilts most of them at her studio in edinburgh but she works on them everywhere in her car at home in bed even while on jury duty in court so what about. the question on the court but there let me.
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not the fits so well so while i was waiting to be cold i just sat and sold. the only instead produces at least one kill a day if she's having trouble sleeping she might manage three skeg never tires of making them especially because many clients request unusual cuts or color combinations some of her kilts of the exported around the world. john in the basement things are more traditional here the rule is woven into tartans on century old looms. it makes quite a racket when the yarn is thrown across the wharf it up to a hundred kilometers an hour so you can't be too sensitive to work here but then kilts are for sissies anyway. and there's the eternal question what do men actually wear under their kilts. present
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and then you know we had underwear. new underwear no underwear. and that's why you never let anybody border yet. by the time elaine scared retire she hopes to have made thirty thousand kilts and she surely looks well on her way to meeting that goal. o. ne another ten thousand wore to go. now a stand up paddle boarding has been around since the forty's in europe but there are many people who thought about taking their animals out on the boat with them well it seems the idea is growing around the world so we finished the show today with a fly on the wall look at how a listing goes down with a group of canines and they're right on a jam and. here's
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a sport that can be enjoyed by man and animals when their masters take to the water these beaches go along for the wrong please. stand up paddle boarding with dogs has become trendy. but before they hit the water canine and master need to practice on dry land. why. the concept is simple if the dog gets on the board he or she gets a treat. you really an exercise in obedience. i was trying to it was really quite taxing for the dogs because they have to use their heads and they're standing on a wobbly surface so they really have to trust the person they're on the board with and. some find that easier than others. and i'm not at us here at all and some need
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a little helping hand at first but he's done it and lots of the praise. things are going swimmingly for these four to. only literally is having some trouble for her the tour is a washout. and sometimes after the dogs have done their part it's their owner's turn. but. while the humans are struggling to keep their balance henry engages in a fight with his reflection. at first most paddle boarders have just one goal not to fall in. both schools going while the dog hasn't fallen in the water remar importantly i haven't died. this year. the hardest thing was standing up and then standing in not falling in and keeping your balance i thought he jumped in.
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all of this but is of but even if iraq the board a bit he stays on it's great. course of the place apart they know they can't go chasing ducks and then everything goes smoothly. while his master is hard at work peppered take cities. this which seems to be enjoying himself to. new zealand just. look this way leo likes it it's fun it's something new to go paddle boarding with a dog and then. it turns a solo activity into a team sport. the feeling kind will import the concept from california and started his own club near hamburg it's come to think as we all loved it from the start that we gave dogs the confidence to stand on the board made their owners so proud now they take their dogs out on the water. with the best of all going stand up paddle
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boarding together makes both dog and master fitter. and it's more fun that a stall around the block. on most of the dog is really getting much exercise but it is definitely better for them of being left behind that is all we have time for on the site today forget to head to the website and top prize draw by letting us know your favorite city in europe will announce the winner at the end of the way and the details are on the website which is on the screen for you now. everyone on the taliban take. on the next edition off your a max only six private homes in germany designed by. founder of the bio home school one of them is in the city in the state it cheering on in one thousand twenty four
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simple straightforward revolutionary experience what it's like to live in a power house monument functional down to the smallest detail next time on your attacks.
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from death straight. to. forth. between the two journeys to forgive my mom said. it's a nature of. the dream a memorial to repression and
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a subliminal midlife strike. fifty. physics. medicine. chemistry. economic signs in. the us. well the way to the twenty seven nobel prizes. who will follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds on. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week going to w s. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories they're in will get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and kong artists. what did it feel
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like to live in times of a revolution and the people. come. to the russian art revolutionaries. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth on t w. i a family told my j.-o. somebody that i was. the best on the world and international brand. a shared passion. f.c. byron munich to truly understand all need is three words. for. me as some young. with.
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me yet tell me i don't think you can touch us reliably in the sun by an exclusive journey into the song of my own munich. yes a new york it's a kind of culture war we are we are not suppose for what we are we're at family unbelievable. to me a son mia phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a phone me yet. so later of catalonia has reportedly said the autonomous region will declare independence from spain within days colace pushed them all told the b.b.c. his government would do.


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